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Change Company Name

A company name is very essential for the company as it is through the name, the company is recognized. Change in the company’s name would be required to be done for various reasons like change in the objectives of the company’s, rebranding, change of management etc.

The change in the company name will not have any impact on its existence as a corporate entity. A company can change its name with the approval of shareholders in the general meeting & by making necessary filings with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

Documents Required

  • MOA, AOA & IOC of company
  • Pan Card copy of all Directors
  • Address Proof copy of all Directors


Procedure for Company Name Change

Step 1:First call a board meeting for approval of change in name

Step 2:Check Company Name Availability

Step 3 :Hold extraordinary general meeting and pass special resolution

Step 4 :Application for approval of Company name change

Step 5 :Registration of change in name by the Registrar and issuance of New Incorporation Certificate.

Step 6 :Incorporate the new company name in all copies of Memorandum of Association and Articles of                     Association

Fees : Rs.5,999/-

All inclusive
Processing Time

* 20 Working Days

Package Includes

  • New Name Search & Approval
  • Company Name change
  • PAN & TAN Number updation

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