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Service Tax Return Filing

Every person who has registered for Service Tax is required to file a Service Tax Return on a half yearly basis. Irrespective of whether the person has provided taxable services in the period or not, he is required to file his Service Tax Return on a half yearly basis before the due dates. The Service Tax Return is required to be filed in “Form ST-3” or “ST-3A” as the case may be.

Documents Required

Details Required for Service Tax Return Filing:

  1. User Name and Password for ACES Login( If Available )
  2. ST - 2 Copy ( Registration Certificate )
  3. Invoice Copies for the relevent period to return filing 


Service Tax is applicable on all businesses having turnover over Rs.10 Lakh in a Financial Year; registration being compulsory on the turnover touches Rs. 9 Lakh.

Showing understanding in the woes of the service providers and serving its Revenue Collection mission, the Ministry of Finance has come up with Voluntary Compliance Encouragement Scheme, vide Notification NO. 10/2013-ST, DATED 13-5-2013.

An entrepreneur, with his vision, mission and goals centered around effective commencement and ambitious growth targets often ignores auxiliary factors impacting its business like Levy of Service Tax. A Factor considered not so important can often be a headache in the first couple for years for a start up entrepreneur when non compliance on being noticed attracts Show Cause Notices and its accompaniments.


Service Tax return due date


Service Tax Return Due Date

April to September

25th October

October to March

25th April

Service Tax payment due date



Due Date

Physical Payment

Online Payment

Individual / partnership


5th of the Following Quarter

6th of the Following Quarter



5th of the Following Month

6th of the Following Month

Late Fee for delay in filing service tax return

If the Service Tax Return is not filed before the due date of filing of Service Tax Return, Late Fee shall be liable to be paid as follows

Delay in Filing of Return after Due Date

Late Fees

First 15 days

Rs. 500/-

15-30 days


More than 30 days

Rs. 1000 + Rs. 100 per day beyond 30 days

  • The Maximum Late Fee is Rs. 20,000/-

Interest on late payment of service tax

The Interest rate for late payment of service tax ranges from 18% to 30%.

Fees : Rs.1,499/-

All inclusive
Processing Time

* 5 Working Days

Package Includes

  • Half Yearly NIL Return

Other Package

  • One Half Yearly Retrun with Transactions - Rs. 2,999/-
  • Two Half Yealy Return with Transactions - Rs. 5,499/-

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